Design for Leave-taking

Co-research and co-create for leave-taking experience and leave-taking supervising experience

This project was a graduation project aimed to explore co-research and co-creation. The client who gave the assignment was KLM HR managers. The goal of the assignment was to research and design for ’employee’s leave-taking experience’ and ‘manager’s leave-taking supervising experience’ in KLM. The deliveries of the assignment was a ‘Leave-taking Design Toolkit’ for stakeholders to design for leave-taking and a ‘Manager Dashboard’ for managers use to supervise leave-taking.
Work Type: Individual Work
Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Publish Date: August 2019
Subject: Leave-taking Experience
Approach: Co-research & Co-creation

Research & Design Process

Four Highlights

Extracted from the project, the following four highlights will be introduced on this website.

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User Research: Context-mapping